5 Things You Should Know About Pile-Up Accidents

Multi-car pile-up accidents usually result in serious injuries for many people, as well as complex claims for injuries, property damages, and liability. Multi-Vehicle Crashes Since pile-up accidents involve numerous people and multiple vehicles, they typically lead to complicated injury claims, substantial property damages, and liability that is shared between various drivers and

Recovering Damages in a Wide Turn Truck Accident

If a large commercial truck makes a wide turn that causes an accident with another vehicle, injured victims may be able to recover compensation from the trucker and the trucking company. The Dangers of Wide Turns Large trucks making wide turns put other drivers at significant risk of accidents by encroaching on

Get the Facts About Road Rage in the United States

Road rage incidents are on the rise in America. Gun violence and aggressive driving behaviors caused by road rage wound or kill hundreds of people every year. The Alarming Facts about Road Rage Since 2013, over 300 people in the United States have died from road rage. In the last five years,

What Is the Number One Cause of Injury?

In the United States, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of nonfatal injuries, accounting for more than 10 million injuries every year. Slip and Fall Accidents According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), slip and fall accidents are the number