Preventing Intersection Collisions in Nevada

Many intersection collisions that happen in Nevada are caused by driver negligence and can be prevented. Dangerous Intersections in Nevada In Nevada, Las Vegas and nearby cities like Henderson with a high volume of yearly tourists are known for having wide open roads and large intersections built to accommodate heavy vehicle and

Overloaded Trucks Can Be Deadly

Overloaded trucks are at high risk of causing deadly truck accidents because they are harder to maneuver, mechanical failure is more probable, and the force of impact is greater if a crash occurs. Commercial trucks must comply with maximum weight limits to prevent accidents and fatal injuries. Dangers of Overloaded Trucks The

Next-Day Delivery Is Taking Lives

Next-day deliveries from Amazon’s enormous delivery network are contributing to accidents, injuries, and deaths of innocent civilians across the country. Amazon Under Fire for Delivery Accidents According to a New York Times investigation, at least 10 people have died from Amazon delivery accidents since 2015. The investigation focuses on the pressure put

Can You Sue a Franchisor for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Franchisors receive the benefits of their business franchised expansions without incurring additional liability for their franchisee’s actions, however, claims of vicarious liability may be filed. Franchise Operations Under a contractual agreement, franchisors are protected against liability for damages caused by the actions of their franchisees. Most franchise agreements state that the relationship