Major Types of Head Injuries

Head injuries sustained by a blow to the head often result in damage to the brain and skull causing tissue damage, skull fractures, hemorrhages, severe swelling, and death. Serious Head Injuries A sudden or severe blow to the head often results in injuries to the brain. Major types of head injuries are

George Floyd Protests: When Vehicles Plow into Crowds

Protestors at George Floyd rallies around the country are being severely injured by drivers intentionally plowing vehicles into crowds. Angry Drivers Plowing into Protestors The Black Lives Matter movement linked to the death of George Floyd has led to thousands of protests across the country. During recent months, the racially motivated protests

When Hate Crimes Happen at Work

Workplace hate crimes may fall under state or federal laws that impact injury claims and damages for an injured worker. Workplace Hate Crimes on the Rise Hate crimes occur when a person engages in illegal behavior that’s motivated by bias against the victim’s race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion,