Work Injuries: The Dark Side of Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory

Tesla’s battery Gigafactory in Nevada is under fire for a high rate of routine worker injuries, at least three injuries each month. Is Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory Safe for Workers? Workers at Tesla’s battery factory in Reno are paying a high price for employment. A new USA Today report shows that Tesla’s Gigafactory

Horrifying Halloween Hazards in Henderson

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday, but scary dangers are lurking around every corner. Unsafe costumes, pumpkin carving, tainted candy, candle fires, and impaired drivers put thousands of people in the hospital every year. Watch Out for Scary Halloween Hazards For both children and adults, dressing up in scary costumes, trick-or-treating for sweets,

Surviving a Tire Blowout

Each year, tire blowouts and flat tires contribute to 700 fatalities and 11,000 collisions with serious injuries. Surviving a tire blowout requires safety skills behind the wheel. Safety Tips to Survive a Tire Blowout For most drivers, a tire blowout is a frightening and potentially dangerous experience, especially when the vehicle is

Behind the Scene of a Car Accident Investigation

When a traffic fatality occurs, a crash reconstruction team is called to the accident scene to assist the police with an investigation. By photographing evidence, taking measurements, and logging data, the team can reconstruct the crash to determine accident details and driver fault. Car Accident Investigations While some traffic accidents only result