Baltimore Riot Raises Personal-Injury Claim Questions

In April of 2015, a peaceful protest began for Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man whose death was the result of injuries he sustained while in police custody. But what began as a memorial for the young man soon turned drastically violent, with the Maryland government declaring a state of emergency.

Many law enforcement officers were injured, a handful of journalists sustained injuries, and at least one individual was critically injured because of a fire.

The city had a 10pm to 5am curfew enforced, with even the Major League Baseball team, the Orioles, canceling games to accommodate this. Still, injuries continued to add up, leaving more individuals seeking medical attention because of unruly citizens.

Handling an Injury During a Riot

Riots are emotionally charged events, meaning that the individuals involved may not be thinking or behaving in a logical manner.

If you are injured during a riot:

  • Stay Calm: The crowd may already be worked into a frenzy, but that doesn’t mean you need to be. Avoid confrontation and keep your adrenaline in check
  • Obtain Evidence: Document the event while it happens or immediately afterwards. Many individuals have been able to obtain key evidence such as names and faces of those who have injured them during a riot by snapping images and taking video during the event. This is also an effective way to gather witness statements
  • Identify Safety Routes: The most important part to handling your injury during a riot is getting out safely. Identify escape routes and safe havens if you find yourself in the center of a dangerous situation and use them when necessary

Taking Action in a Personal Injury Case

Whenever an individual has been involved in an incident, which has resulted in injury, the first step after seeking medical attention, is to take notes. Even if the injury sustained is minor, it can develop into a debilitating temporary or even permanent injury.

If you, or someone who is with you, is able to, write down the details of the incident, including names of those responsible or witnesses. This is far more reliable than trusting this information to memory.

The next step is to preserve any evidence, including witness statements. Then, most importantly, enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury cases during any event can be particularly stressful and difficult to prove. Given the complexity of the laws surrounding personal injuries, most injured parties seek legal counsel.

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