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Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

A car accident is a scary and highly traumatic occurrence, regardless of who is at fault. Aside from the high possibility of sustaining severe and sometimes life-threatening injuries, you also have to deal with the legal aspects of the accident.

If you have never been in a car accident in Las Vegas, the chances are that you are not certain what is expected of you in the aftermath of the accident.

The fact that you are here reading this article suggests that you have either been in a car accident in Las Vegas or your loved one has and you want to know what legal remedies are available to you. This may also include the fact that you might have to tango with insurance service providers and you are not sure what you should do.

In this article, we will explain to you what is expected of you after a Las Vegas car accident and how a Las Vegas car accident attorney can help you.

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Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Las Vegas

According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, the leading cause of car accidents in Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, is the failure to yield the right-of-way. Other causes include:

  • Driving while impaired or under the influence (DWI/DUI): Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both have been implicated in lots of car accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29 people die in the United States every day as a result of alcohol-impaired driving.
  • Driving while distracted: The National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration reported that about 3,142 people were killed in car accidents in 2019 as a result of distracted driving. The following actions were implicated as sources of distraction while driving:
    – Calling or texting while driving
    – Attending to a navigation system, or adjusting music gadgets or players while driving
    – Watching a video while driving
    – Eating and drinking while driving
    – Reading while driving
    – Distracted while talking with other passengers in the vehicle
    – Grooming while driving
  • Running a Red Light: Drivers have been known to run red lights for various reasons including excessive speeding, inattention, drunkenness, drowsiness, to name a few.
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“...great from the beginning.”

David Boehrer, Travis, and his law firm were great from the beginning. They handled the case for us very well and fought for us until the end. Every time we had a question we would email or call and would get an answer within a reasonable time, which was very important for us!

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Great lawyers! The whole process was extremely easy. I would definitely recommend. Freddy was honest and upfront during the whole process. If you need a lawyer don’t hesitate to call them. Front office staff is always so nice too!

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This firm was excellent in handling my case from start to finish and I will definitely use them again! Anyone looking for good representation should call David and Liz at Boehrer Law.

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Without a doubt the best law firm I’ve ever dealt with. Freddy goes out of his way to get you taken care of. He does amazing work on your workers' compensation issues, he’s compassionate and dedicated to his clients. I cannot recommend Freddy or this firm enough.. truly amazing people.

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...when other firms wouldn't even consider taking my case. Not only did they take my case, but through their diligence and attention to detail, I had a favorable outcome.

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“This is the team that you need behind you to win.”

Grade AAAAAA+!!! This is the team that you need behind you to win. It may take some time, but believe me, you will be happy in the end. Thank you. David, Travis, Corinna, and. are the best!

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Client was injured in a head-on collision and suffered partial blindness in her eye as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Commercial Truck Accident

Client was traveling through a green light when he was hit by a commercial truck. Client sustained several injuries and required back surgery.

Truck Collision

Client, a passenger in a big rig, was injured when another truck collided with theirs while sitting side of the road. He sustained multiple injuries and required surgery.

Slip & Fall Accident

Client slipped and fell at a local restaurant. She required neck surgery.

Neck & Back Injury

Client was a driver in a vehicle that was rear ended. Suffered neck and back injury. Required surgery.

Dog Bite

Our client was bitten by a dog while working at a local pet store. She suffered injuries as a result.

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Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

Guiding You Through This Difficult Time

The actions you take after a car accident can make a difference in the challenges you face in the future. Attempting to negotiate with the insurance company on your own, failing to follow the advice of your medical treatment team, posting on social media, and even missing a deadline or filling out the wrong form could cost you significantly.

Las Vegas Laws On Car Accidents

Nevada is a “fault state”, meaning that you can sue the other driver for compensation when you are in a car accident. In addition to being a fault state, Nevada is a comparative negligence state. This means that when determining fault in a car accident, the court will check whether you share a part in the fault.

If you do, the degree of fault that is yours will be taken into consideration when determining the compensation you are entitled to. Thus, if the jury finds the other party to be about 75% at fault and you are 25% at fault, your compensation will be reduced by 25%.

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What You Should Do After A Las Vegas Car Accident

Involve authorities: call 911 for help and give a statement when the police arrive. Make sure that you do not admit to any fault when giving your statement.

Take pictures of the accident scene and get medical help if you have sustained injuries. Even if you do not see any immediate injuries on you, it is a good idea to get yourself properly examined by medical personnel. Some injuries do not present until sometime after the accident – after the adrenaline rush is over.

Get in touch with a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Your Las Vegas car accident attorney will transact with the insurance service provider of the at-fault driver on your behalf. Do not speak with insurance service providers on your own.

Reach Out For Expert Help

Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys at the David Boehrer Law Firm are experts in fighting for Las Vegas injury victims and have been doing so since 2015. Whether it is interacting with insurance service providers on your behalf or arguing your case in trial, you are assured of getting the best legal representation possible. Reach out to us today for a free non-obligatory consultation.