Avoiding Accidents on the Las Vegas Strip

Due to millions of tourists, all-night casinos, and a high crime rate, following safety tips are essential to prevent accidents and injuries on the Las Vegas Strip. Safety on the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination that welcomes more than 40 million visitors each year. The city is

Top Causes of Construction Accidents

Putting work schedules and building costs before worker safety is a common factor in many construction site accidents. Workers facing rushed deadlines and lack of personal protection equipment often suffer catastrophic injuries. Construction Work Poses Dangers Most construction projects are built around scheduling deadlines, cost of building supplies and equipment, skilled workers,

Motorcycle Crash Statistics that Might Surprise You

More than 89,000 motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle crashes and another 5,172 bikers lost their lives in 2017. Learning more about motorcycle crash statistics, the challenges riders face, and the factors that contribute to these accidents may help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. Motorcycle Injury and Death Rates Motorcyclists are

Increase in Motorcycle Deaths in Nevada

The number of Nevada motorcycle accident fatalities has spiked once again and aggressive driving, distractions, and busier roadways may be to blame. When bikers are involved in accidents caused by dangerous roadway conditions, negligent drivers, or defective vehicle designs, they may be entitled to compensation.  What’s Causing the Increase in Motorcycle Accident