From “Accident” to “Crash” — Reworded Statute Sends Message Truck Accidents Are Avoidable

A new law that took effect on the first day of 2016 has reworked specific provisions of the Nevada Revised Statutes, changing the word “accident” involving motor vehicles to “crash”. The substitution in legal terminology is intended to send the message that vehicular collision or crashes are preventable occurrences and that drivers must be responsible for keeping roads safe.

In Nevada where semi-trucks, large trucks, and commercial tractor-trailers frequently ply freeways and roads, the emphasis on road safety and responsibility is crucial in preventing catastrophic truck accidents.

Truck Accidents in Nevada

Vehicular crashes, including truck accidents, on Nevada roadways increased in 2015, killing at least 321 people. Due to the sheer size and weight of trucks, semi-trucks, rigs, and commercial trailers, a crash involving any of these vehicles is likely to result in severe or fatal injuries.

Risk Factors in Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often linked to negligent behavior such as distracted driving, driver exhaustion, drunk or intoxicated driving, and poor equipment maintenance. In Nevada, a federal court recently upheld a trial court’s decision awarding damages against a trucking company whose driver crashed into an Amtrak train. The collision killed 6 people, including the truck driver.

While there are enough laws setting maximum periods for driving trucks, mandating rest periods for drivers, and punishing drunk driving, truck accidents can also occur due to factors beyond a driver’s control.

Overloading or improper loading of a truck’s cargo can cause a tire blowout, rollover, or loss of steering control while maneuvering a turn or changing lanes. Depending on the actual circumstances surrounding a crash, the problem may be attributed to the trucking operator who encourages the overload in order to meet delivery schedules or improve profits.

Claiming Compensation for Truck Accidents

Those who are involved in truck crashes often suffer serious injuries or, worse, lose their lives as a result of their injuries. If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, seek medical attention first and call an experienced personal injury attorney immediately to evaluate your case. Your lawyer can examine your situation, determine responsibility for the crash, and guide you on your next steps in order to recover compensation.

In Henderson, Nevada, the David Boehrer Law Firm has more than a decade of truck accident experience, helping injured clients attain full recovery by fighting hard for their rights and pushing for the settlement that they legally deserve. We invite you to call us for a free evaluation of your situation at (702) 750-0750.