George Floyd Protests: When Vehicles Plow into Crowds

Protestors at George Floyd rallies around the country are being severely injured by drivers intentionally plowing vehicles into crowds.

Angry Drivers Plowing into Protestors

The Black Lives Matter movement linked to the death of George Floyd has led to thousands of protests across the country. During recent months, the racially motivated protests have been mostly peaceful, except for incidents of sporadic looting and name calling. However, some area protesters have experienced more violent behaviors by outsiders plowing into crowds with vehicles.


A recent video of a peaceful protest rally in Minneapolis shows the driver of a large semi-truck plowing through a crowd on I-35 West. To avoid injuries, protesters jumped on the trailer and gathered around the truck to stop it from moving through the crowd. Luckily, protesters were not injured by the semi-truck, but the driver was injured, taken to the hospital, then arrested.


In Denver’s Golden Triangle district, a woman behind the wheel of a black SUV drove through a crowd of protesters. Videos show that one protester hopped on the hood, then fell off when the SUV accelerated. The SUV then turned around to intentionally hit the man who was knocked to the ground. The woman drove away as protesters chased the SUV on foot. The Denver Police Department is still looking for the SUV driver and the injured protestor.


Two protesters were recently hospitalized after a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer drove through a crowd on Interstate 244. Tulsa World News reported that police officers did not initially stop the truck when it drove into the crowd of protesters, but Highway Patrol troopers later stopped the truck and questioned the driver. According to a local minister at the protest, the driver had a gun on the dashboard and threatened protesters before driving away.

New York

In the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, two police vehicles plowed into a crowd of peaceful protesters rallying against police brutality. The incident was captured on at least two videos, one from the air and one from the street. New York’s Mayor initially defended the police officers stating that their safety was threatened when protesters surrounded their vehicles, but later changed his opinion. Brooklyn Police are currently investigating the officers’ actions.

As George Floyd protests increase across America, disturbing videos and photos have emerged showing this horrifying trend. Many injury victims have filed injury claims with car accident lawyers in local areas.