Life of Teenager Claimed by Truck Accident

Just weeks before the end of 2015 a car accident involving a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier and Peterbilt tractor trailer claimed the life of a Pahrump teenager. A 69-year-old man from Henderson and a 55-year-old woman from Pahrump were also injured in the collision.

At around 7:30pm in mid-December 2015, the blue Cavalier was traveling northbound on US 95. The Peterbilt was in the same lane, and was traveling at a higher speed than than the Cavalier. Sadly, the front of the truck hit the rear of the passenger vehicle, forcing the vehicle to rotate clockwise and continue into the left lane until it came to a rest in the center of the dirt median.

The 15 year old boy succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the woman was transported to the St. Rose Dominican-Sienna Campus in serious condition. The man from Pahrump was airlifted to University Medical Center in critical condition.

The driver of the truck was uninjured.

Passenger Vehicle Occupants Are at Risk 

The death of the teenager was Nevada Highway Patrol-Southern Command’s 57th fatal collision for the year, totaling to more than 60 fatalities for 2015. In road accidents, passenger vehicles are far more vulnerable than large trucks simply because of the size and weight difference. Trucks can weigh 30 times or more than a passenger vehicle, and because they are taller, smaller passenger vehicles may become trapped beneath them. 

Another issue here in Nevada is the fact that trucks are able to travel at the same speed as passenger vehicles (in other states, tractor trailers must travel anywhere from 5 to 10 miles slower than other vehicles). This is important to factor in, as fully loaded tractor trailers can take up to 40% farther to come to a complete stop. 

Other issues include:

  • Trucks are often poorly maintained
  • Truck drivers are often battling driver fatigue
  • Distracted and impaired driving

Acting Fast after a Truck Accident

Truck-related accidents can be traumatizing and may take time for physical and emotional wounds to heal. However, it is important for anyone who has suffered personal injury because of the negligence of another driver to first seek medical treatment and then consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney such as ours at the David Boehrer Law Firm here in Nevada.

We will be able to assess your claim and start the investigation process in order to obtain all the evidence relevant to your case. We work on a contingency fee basis, so we only receive payment if you do.

Our law firm has a strong history of successfully litigating issues involving truck-related accidents. Learn about your legal rights in such situations, we welcome your call to the David Boehrer Law Firm today at (702) 750-0750.