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Henderson lyft accident lawyers Hailing rideshare, AKA Lyft, is one of the convenient options for commuting within the city. It’s pretty easy to get a ride with a few clicks on your phone screen, but what happens when you are involved in a Lyft accident in Henderson, NV? We at David Boehrer law firm helped many Henderson Lyft accident victims to secure significant compensations. If you are looking for the most reliable Henderson Lyft Accident Lawyer to handle your case, we are here for you.

A Lyft accident injury could lead to many expenses, including hospital bills, conveyance, medicine, and more. Besides, the loss of income during the recovery period could become even more stressful when you are already suffering pains caused by the injuries.

Do you know about the Lyft Insurance policy?

As per Nevada’s Insurance law, a driver should have $15000 insurance cover. The total cover should not be less than $30000 in case of an accident injury case. Besides, a $10000 liability cover is also mandatory but may not be enough to cover all the expenses caused by a Lyft accident.

Astonishingly, all Lyft drivers are covered under a ride-sharing policy with enormous benefits, and the same applies to the passengers and third parties involved in the accident. However, it is crucial to prove that you are a victim and not the cause of the accident. A legal representative who is skilled in Henderson auto accident law from David Boehrer Law firm will help you do that.

Dedicated Henderson accident lawyer, Nevada

Why should you contact Henderson Lyft accident lawyers from David Boehrer Law Firm?

America suffers millions of minor and major road accidents every year, while Henderson is one of the top cities in the nation, recording an increasing number of Lyft accidents. The consequences of an auto accident could be awful, but it gets even more complex when a Lyft vehicle is involved in the accident.

In most cases, Lyft drivers are over-insured, and they have a panel of attorneys to handle their accident cases. On the other hand, most victims don’t carry sufficient insurance cover. Hiring a Henderson accident lawyer is the best option in such cases.

However, an inexperienced Henderson accident lawyer may not have the experience and knowledge to handle cases against corporate companies like Lyft. We at David Boehrer Law Firm know precisely how to win Lyft accident cases and secure the compensation you deserve.

No fee if we don’t win

Working directly with an actual attorney rather than a mere employee is a comfortable thing. Our attorneys are amiable, knowledgeable, and well-experienced. So, you will find it better and safer to discuss all aspects of your case directly with our attorney than a junior or an assistant. You are our number one priority.

David Boehrer Law Firm will assign a dedicated Lyft accident lawyer to your case. Our attorney will help you do the due diligence and preparation to sail through the issue. When you and the attorney are in sync, the chances of winning a case will be higher. When entering the courtroom in Henderson, you will feel confident with our attorney by your side.

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Managing medical costs and loss of income could be tough. We understand that a Lyft accident victim has to manage many expenses, and the attorney fee won’t be one with David Boehrer Law Firm by your side.

Unless we secure compensation for you, you don’t owe anything to us. We don’t charge you anything until we get your payment, so you pay when we win your case and recover for you. Besides, we offer a free consultation for you to discuss your case with our attorneys. Contact us today!