Nevada Mother Sues over Son’s Traumatic Brain Injury

The mother of a boy who suffered traumatic brain injury back in 2012 while in foster care is suing Nevada and Clark County. The lawsuit alleges that the county’s welfare system failed to comply with federal and state laws. It goes on to say that the state failed to provide insight.

According to police reports, the 2-year-old boy was shaken severely, leading to the brain swelling. The boy had to undergo an emergency operation to provide enough room for his brain to expand. A long term prognosis is yet to be established.

The child was placed in foster care after his mother was taken into custody for unpaid taxi fare. The lawsuit states that the boy was left in the care of a male companion of the foster mum. The man is reported to have shaken the boy, which led to seizures and stroke prompting immediate surgery. Reports claim that the family services failed to conduct prior background checks on the caregivers.

Traumatic Brain-Injury Cases

Brain injuries may be caused by many types of incidents. The most common include: car accidents, slip and fall, truck accidents, motorcycle accident, and medical malpractice.

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury include dizziness, frequent headaches, change in vision, loss of memory, a weak pulse and seizures. People diagnosed with mild brain injury may later experience long term effects similar to a traumatic injury. When dealing with a brain injury case, you need an aggressive and highly skilled Henderson brain injury attorney due to the complexities of these cases.

Obtaining Compensation for Brain Injury

David Boehrer Law handles personal injury cases, including those involving traumatic brain injury. Our many years of experience gives our lawyers an edge when it comes to defense tactics and securing vital evidence required to reach a settlement. When dealing with insurance companies, we have superb negotiation skills and, if necessary, extensive trial experience to efficiently fight for your rights during trial – and win.

Brain injury can lead to disabilities and in most cases, families of the affected face multiple financial challenges as a result of the injuries. It’s only fair that you receive compensation for your lost wages, suffering, and future medical care.

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