Nevada Woman Faces New Charges in Fatal Henderson Crash

A Nevada woman is facing new criminal charges, in addition to previous murder and child endangerment charges, after authorities claimed she intentionally drove her car down a crowded sidewalk on the Henderson Strip in December.

There was a delay in filing charges against Lakeisha Holloway, 24, while police identified and interviewed the more than 30 people who sustained injuries in the incident. One person was killed in the crash. Holloway’s young daughter, who was in the car at the time of the incident, was uninjured.

After the accident, it was confirmed that Holloway had traces of marijuana in her system at the time of the crash. If convicted of the charges against her, Holloway likely faces the rest of her life in jail.

Car accidents continue to be a leading cause of personal injury across the country, especially in large cities or other high-traffic areas. When these types of injuries occur, it is always best to consult a personal injury attorney.

Car Accident Claims in Henderson

Nevada sees more car accidents than most places in the United States. In fact, the state of Nevada ranks in the top 10 for car accidents nationwide. Tens of thousands of people are injured each year – a serious problem for Nevada and its communities.

Additionally, the Henderson Metro Police recently announced that they would cease responding to fender bender incidents that don’t result in personal injury. That means that all drivers need to take extra caution in the event of an accident, and collect as much information as possible, from all parties involved. Because injuries are not always obvious at the time of the accident, it is critical that you always consult with a personal injury attorney.

How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim?

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