Potential Workers Compensation Claim in Henderson Scaffolding Death

A construction worker fell to his death when scaffolding in a construction project collapsed from a height of approximately 20 feet above the ground. The construction project owner immediately suspended all activities on the site pending the outcome of the OHSA investigation but did not comment on whether it was the employer of the deceased construction worker, whose family may have a potential workers compensation claim in connection with the workplace accident.

Other Details of the Accident

News reports said that there were three workers on the scaffolding when it started to tilt over and then slowly collapsed. All three workers were allegedly wearing protective harnesses when the accident occurred. Two of the workers managed to jump to safety but they said that one of them was not so fortunate when the heavy structure started to collapse and fell on him. The decedent was trapped underneath heavy scaffolding and died at the accident site.

The construction project was the expansion of an existing commercial center with mixed office and retail spaces that had been ongoing for two years. Workers said that this was the first deadly accident on the site.

Workers Compensation Arising from Construction Accidents

Nevada’s ongoing construction boom may be a sign of economic progress but it carries increased incidences of construction accidents. Scaffolding is often used for workers to perform necessary construction activities at great heights. But like most construction equipment and materials, scaffolding can fail and cause severe and even fatal injuries to construction workers.

Negligence and product defects are often common causes of construction-related injuries. Under existing workers compensation statute, it is possible for the family of the deceased worker to claim compensation under the workers compensation coverage of the employer. An experienced personal injury attorney as well can examine the details of the accident for potential damages arising from any negligence that the employer may be liable for, and even beyond the insurance coverage.

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