Should I Hire an Attorney?

In this short video Las Vegas auto accident attorney David Boehrer answers the question, “Should I hire an attorney after a car crash?”

(video appears below transcript)

David Boehrer:
Good afternoon everyone. A question I get a lot is should I hire an attorney? My name is Dave Boehrer and I’m an attorney here in Las Vegas, and I’m gonna answer that question for you right now. If you have been in a car crash and you were not at fault for that crash, you most definitely need to contact an attorney. And what I mean by that is, if you weren’t hurt but the insurance company is breathing down your throat and they want you to sign documents, you might wanna have an attorney tell you, “Hey, this is a good idea,” or “This is a bad idea.” If you were hurt, the attorney can talk you through the scenario, help you get to the treatment you need. Talk you through all the processes of getting the car fixed. A lot of attorneys here in town will help you do that part as part of the personal injury case. But most definitely, you’ll want to hire an attorney, and I’ll tell you another reason why. The insurance company has all sorts of attorneys working on their end, and their goal is to get you to go away as soon as possible. Have you sign documents, give you 500 bucks and have you go on your way. They don’t care if you’re hurting tomorrow or not. And if you are hurting tomorrow and you already signed that piece of paper and you already took the $500, there’s nothing we can do. You’re done. You won’t get to recover anything for your pain and suffering. So my advice to anybody who’s in a car crash, especially in Las Vegas, is to consult with an attorney and ask them what your rights are, and ask them if they could help you. Now, the worst case scenario is they’re gonna tell you, “We can’t help you. Sorry.” But it won’t cost you anything to make that phone call.
So make you sure that you find the attorney. Find one that you’re comfortable with. Find one that you like that you feel is competent to do what you need him to do. That’s probably my best advice for you at this point when you’re in that search for the attorney is to find the guy that you like. I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have any more. Thank you.