Trucking Company Held Responsible for Negligent Driver

At the David Boehrer Law Firm we have handled a number of truck-related cases, but none has been as explosive as the 2011 accident involving a truck and an Amtrak passenger train. In June 2011, just east of Reno, a truck owned by John Davis Trucking Co. slammed into the California Zephyr, resulting in the deaths of the truck driver, the train conductor, and four passengers.

After an investigation in late 2014, it was found that the driver of the truck was at fault and not the train company. Having a past that involved speeding violations and driving a tractor-trailer with faulty brakes, it was determined that these factors, as well as inattention, were likely the cause of this unfortunate accident.

While the trucking company pointed fingers at Union Pacific Railroad officials and accused them of manipulating or destroying the evidence that would prove that signal lights and the crossing gate malfunctioned, John Davis Trucking Co. was ultimately found responsible for the negligent driver and was ruled to pay $4.5 million to Amtrak and another $210,777 to Union Pacific Railroad.

More Factors Than Meet the Eye

We encourage those who are injured in any sort of accident, whether it be truck-related, car-related or due to another negligent situation, to seek legal advice, because there is often more at play – and at stake – than they realize.

Preserving the Evidence

This case involved several accusations of the destruction of pertinent evidence. Whether this was the case involving Amtrak and the John Davis Trucking Co. is unknown. However, individuals who are injured should take the initiative to secure and preserve any evidence should they be involved in a truck accident:

  • Take Pictures: Take a number of clear photos of the damage from a variety of angles so that the full extent of your damages are obvious
  • Obtain Witnesses: If the accident has happened in a public area or if other individuals were around at the time of the truck accident, take down their names, numbers, and witness statements if possible. Your phone or digital camera may be able to record the statement
  • Obtain Proof of Injury: Stay at the scene of an accident and seek medical attention. Even if you only suffered what seem to be scrapes and bruises—within days or even hours, your condition may worsen. Document your injuries and regularly visit your doctor so there is a paper trail of your injuries and treatment

Truck accidents can be frightening. Our experienced Henderson personal injury attorneys at the David Boehrer Law Firm are prepared to handle all elements of your case – so that you can focus on what is most important: your recovery.

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