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Las Vegas uber accident lawyers Uber is the top choice of many locals and tourists in Las Vegas for a commute. It’s easy to book a ride to or from home, and you don’t have to keep cash in your pocket to do so. Although it is convenient to use ridesharing vehicles, it can be dreadful if you are injured in a Uber accident. If you are an Uber accident victim, you may get compensated for your medical expenses, loss of income, and other direct or indirect losses that occurred due to the accident. However, you may need a Las Vegas Uber accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Our Las Vegas Uber accident lawyer will help you fight the legal battle and obtain compensation. David Boehrer Law Firm attorneys have represented thousands of Uber accident victims in Las Vegas and helped them win their cases.

Uber accidents can fetch you enormous compensation

Unlike other vehicles, Uber vehicles may be tied with multiple insurance policies. A driver’s accident and personal liability insurance, passenger’s accident insurance. When too many parties are involved, it becomes awful to win a claim gain access to the insurance benefits.

Uber’s ridesharing insurance comes with enormous benefits, and the settlement amount could be substantial depending on the severity of the injury. However, you can get compensation only if Uber is held responsible.

The problem is, Uber drivers are not full-time or part-time employees, so it requires a lot of expertise and knowledge to hold Uber responsible for your suffering. When you hire a skilled Las Vegas auto accident attorney, we know the complexity of legal battles against corporate companies like Uber.

What to do when you are injured in a Uber accident in Las Vegas?

  • Get medical help: Saving yourself and safely getting away from the accident spot should be your priority. Seek medical help immediately after you are injured.
  • Click photos if possible: Any pictures or videos you take at the accident spot could be used against the other party in the courtroom. Besides, such evidence can be a game-changer and will help us prove the opponent guilty.
  • Be careful with authorities: Police and insurance adjusters will get to you faster than you might think and would try to get statements or evidence from you that could work against you in the courtroom. So, it is best not to talk to authorities before talking to a Las Vegas Uber accident lawyer.
  • Call David Boehrer Law Firm: We have the best Uber accident attorneys in all of Las Vegas, and they can help you do the due diligence needed for later. Besides, when you speak to an attorney, he will guide you through the whole process and prepare for the courtroom.
  • Collect pieces of evidence: Taking screenshots of the trip details could be very helpful. Likewise, collecting the driver’s contact details and any third party involved in the accident would be more useful in the fight to secure compensation.

We understand how much pain and financial stress you would have to go through after an Uber accident. For that reason, we don’t charge you any upfront fee. Likewise, you don’t have to pay any fees if we don’t recover for you.

Contact A Las Vegas Uber Accident Lawyer, No Initial Fee

David Boehrer law firm has the most talented and experienced lawyers that can win your case professionally and in a timely manner. If you or your loved ones ever get into an Uber accident, contact us for legal help and access to medical benefits. We also offer a free consultation for you to discuss your case with our attorney. Please feel free to contact us for any specific queries regarding Uber accidents in Las Vegas.