What Is Causing Nevada Truck Accidents?

In 2011, 88,000 people were involved in accidents involving large trucks in the United States, and the NHTSA reports that 95,000 ‘injury accidents’ involved large trucks in 2013. Some very sobering statistics indicate that one person is injured or loses their life every 16 seconds as a result of large truck related crashes.

Victims of these accidents often suffer from permanent disability, severe injuries, and even death. The injured individuals often incur extensive medical and rehabilitation costs, and lost wages.

Here in Nevada 

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, in 2010 there were 1,463 accidents involving trucks in this state. Of the 177 semi-trucks involved in these accidents in, 42 of these caused injuries while 135 were resulted in property damage. 778 tractor trailers were also involved in accidents in 2010.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Nevada

A lot of truck accidents occur as a result of the driver’s negligence. Other factors may include: 

Excessive Speed

Truck drivers have tight schedules and set deadlines which cause them to drive above the allowed speed limit. Federal crash statistics indicate that 20% of truck accidents are a result of excessive speeding by the truck driver.

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, truck drivers are often distracted by the use of mobile phones and other devices while driving. Despite the federal ban of the use of mobile phones by professional drivers, many truck drivers do not comply with this law.

Heavy Loads

Failing to secure heavy loads, and overloading trucks, account for over 20% of truck accidents in Nevada.

Driver Fatigue

NHTSA reports that 40% of large truck accidents are a result of driver fatigue. Truck drivers drive for long hours without breaks, leading to the possibility of falling asleep behind the wheel or lose focus while driving.

When You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident

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