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Las Vegas Workers' Compensation LawyerA serious injury sustained at work may have a potentially serious impact on an employee’s life. It puts your livelihood at stake. This is when you need the help of a Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney.

Workers sustain serious injuries every day in the course of their work and do nothing about it. Often, this is caused by ignorance of the options available to them. In Las Vegas, Nevada, employees’ rights are protected from workplace injuries. Every employer is expected to have insurance that covers their workers. It is used in the event of accidents.

However, employers may sometimes fail to uphold the terms of compensation for their workers. At other times, they may try to cut down the compensation an injured employee is entitled to.

Suffering an injury is already bad enough. You should not be put in a much more difficult situation by your employer. This is why you need a Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney who can fight for you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, and David Boehrer Law Firm is your best shot.

Since 2005, the attorneys at David Boehrer Law Firm have been committed to fighting for the rights of injury victims. While we go down the lane of recovery of compensation for you, please focus on recovering from the injury and getting back to total health.

What To Do After An Injury At Work

The steps you take after a workplace injury makes all the difference. They can either help or jeopardize the eligibility of your claim. These steps protect your interest in receiving the workers’ compensation and ensure that you get the immediate care you need.

  • Seek medical attention: For injuries that require immediate medical care, your first priority is to get medical help. Documentation of these injuries is also critical. Keep copies of everything connected to your injury. From dates of doctor visits to medical costs and dates, you missed work due to your injury. All these are needed to begin filing a claim for workers’ compensation.
  • Report the injury to your employer: Notify your employer of the injury sustained as soon as you are physically able to. After making a verbal report, also make sure to submit an emailed or written notification so that there is definitive proof of your report. Do this immediately. Note down the date and time the injury occurred, the witnesses who saw it, and the circumstances surrounding the injury. You need an injury on record to claim any compensation. Also, it shows without any atom of doubt that the injury was obtained at work. Nevada law provides a time frame of seven days for such injuries to be reported.
  • File a claim: As much as you can, follow every procedure needed. Fill in the necessary documents. You can contact a Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney to help with that.

Are There Specific Injuries Covered By Compensation?

The workers’ compensation covers all kinds of injuries. However, you must show that the injury was sustained while carrying out work-related duties. This is usually confirmed by a medical professional. Some of the injuries commonly compensated are:

Proving Damages In A Workers Compensation Claim

The employee does not have to show that the employer was liable for the injury caused to him. Nevada is a no-fault workers’ compensation state. It is essential note all the persons who witnessed the injury. But where there’s no witness to corroborate your story, you still have protection for your damage.

However, there are circumstances where employers are free from being liable for an injury. These include:

  • Where the injury did not happen during work time.
  • Where the injury is deliberately caused by the employee in search of compensation.
  • Injury occurring as a result of alcohol or drug influence

Benefits Available To Injured Employees

With the aid of good Las Vegas workers’ compensation lawyers, you may successfully recover the following damages:

Why Do You Need A Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation claims can be a challenging process to go through. There is a high likelihood of losing the compensation because of the technical issues involved in it. This calls for the involvement of our Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorneys who are experienced in this field.

David Boehrer Law Firm is here to help you get the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury in the workplace, contact us today.