You Are not in Good Hands with the Insurance Company

Crash victims often experience big delays, small settlement offers, and denied claims when the at-fault driver is insured by certain insurance companies like Allstate. As a result, many people must hire car accident attorneys and file personal injury lawsuits to recover fair compensation.

Drivers With Allstate Are Paying a Price

Allstate, an American insurance giant, is under investigation for the company’s practices in processing car accident cases. Numerous reports have surfaced about victims who face claim denials, unfair settlement offers, and years of delayed payments when a crash is caused by a driver insured by Allstate.

In a recent case, a crash victim was T-boned by an Allstate-insured driver. The victim suffered permanent wrist injuries as a result of the crash. Although the Allstate-insured driver was at fault for the crash, the company refused a settlement offer. The case went to court. Two years later, a jury ordered Allstate to pay a much larger settlement to the victim than originally proposed.

In another case, Allstate was investigated for low-balling car repairs caused by a rear-end collision. While an independent auto body shop estimated the cost of repairs at more than $19,000, an Allstate body shop estimated necessary repairs at $11,700. The difference prompted the car’s owner to inspect the Allstate-sanctioned repairs. Allstate officials stood behind their repairs stating that the company guarantees the quality of repairs from their network shops. Other body shops found the repairs inferior and unsafe.

Auto Insurance Claims

The process of paying for car accident damages and losses is referred to as indemnification. Once an insurance company determines fault for the accident and coverage provided in the policy, the company will likely pay the cost of damages minus the deductible, bargain with the other insurance company to determine a percentage they must pay, or seek payment from the other driver’s insurance company. Car repairs will be assigned to an approved auto body shop.

In car accident cases involving injuries, insurance companies commonly try to avoid paying for large medical bills, even when they are obligated to pay. Many insurance companies also try to prove that injuries were sustained prior to the accident and note them as pre-existing conditions that are excluded under policy coverage. If a Nevada insurance adjuster proposes a low-ball settlement offer, personal injury attorneys in Henderson NV can negotiate the offer for a higher payment that is reasonable and fair.