These Common Choking Hazards Might Surprise you

Choking on small objects such as household items, toys, and food is a leading cause of death in infants and toddlers, accounting for 75% of deaths in children under the age of three years. Small Children Face Choking Hazards In the United States, more than 12,000 children end up in hospital emergency

Top 12 Christmas Injuries

Each year, thousands of people sustain Christmas injuries while putting up  Christmas trees and holiday decorations, climbing ladders to install outdoor lights, cooking holiday meals, and taking decorations down after Christmas. The 12 Mishaps of Christmas Christmas typically means spending time with family and friends, decorating the Christmas tree, installing decorations and

Recovering Lost Future Wages for an Injured Child

If a child suffers traumatic injuries that impact future employment and earning capability, a legal claim may be filed to recover lost future wages. Recovering Lost Future Income for Childhood Injuries Injury cases involving children are often more complicated than those involving adults. Severe childhood injuries can impact the future quality of life

Horrifying Halloween Hazards in Henderson

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday, but scary dangers are lurking around every corner. Unsafe costumes, pumpkin carving, tainted candy, candle fires, and impaired drivers put thousands of people in the hospital every year. Watch Out for Scary Halloween Hazards For both children and adults, dressing up in scary costumes, trick-or-treating for sweets,

Motorcycle Accidents: Helmets May Prevent Spinal Cord Injuries

When motorcycle accidents occur, helmets play a significant safety role in the prevention of spinal cord injuries caused by fractures of cervical vertebrae. Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Injuries and Deaths Millions of Americans ride motorcycles as a means of everyday transportation or simply to enjoy life on the open road. While some motorcycle

How Positive Train Control May Save Lives

A new technology called Positive Train Control is used in the American railroad industry to address human errors, prevent accidents, and promote railway safety. New Technology Enhances Railway Safety According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the railroad industry puts 40 cents out of every revenue dollar back into funds dedicated

How to Find the Best Accident Attorney in Nevada

When someone else’s negligence causes serious injuries, hiring the best accident attorneys can mean the difference between collecting compensation for damages or walking away with a big financial burden. Finding the Best Nevada Accident Attorney When injured in an accident, finding an accident attorney for legal representation may be a difficult task,

Were You Hurt on Private Property? Money Damages May Be Available

Commercial and residential property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of guests on their property, or they may be held liable for personal injuries that occur. Property Owners Can Be Held Liable If a person is injured on private property that belongs to another person, he/she may be able

Major Types of Head Injuries

Head injuries sustained by a blow to the head often result in damage to the brain and skull causing tissue damage, skull fractures, hemorrhages, severe swelling, and death. Serious Head Injuries A sudden or severe blow to the head often results in injuries to the brain. Major types of head injuries are

George Floyd Protests: When Vehicles Plow into Crowds

Protestors at George Floyd rallies around the country are being severely injured by drivers intentionally plowing vehicles into crowds. Angry Drivers Plowing into Protestors The Black Lives Matter movement linked to the death of George Floyd has led to thousands of protests across the country. During recent months, the racially motivated protests