Nevada’s Dangerous Highways – Add New Interstate 11 to the List?

Over the summer, a consumer website ranking roads based on federal crash data found U.S. 93 between Wickenburg and the Hoover Dam, especially the stretch in Mohave County, to be the most dangerous highway in the country. Between 2010 and 2016, there were 70 deadly crashes on the highway with 90 fatalities. Now, U.S. 93 is becoming part of Interstate11, the first new portion of highway added in the United States in 25 years, and it seems that I-11 is continuing U.S. 93’s troubling track record for frequent and serious car accidents. Since I-11 opened about a month ago, there have been three crashes resulting in four deaths, causing concern with Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) officials.

Officially opened on August 9, I-11 is a 15-mile stretch of highway connecting the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge near the Hoover Dam and Henderson, enabling motorists to bypass Boulder City. As a federally designated interstate, I-11 is subject to very specific design, construction, and signage criteria, aimed at ensuring the public’s safety and welfare.

However, the number of tragic car accidents on I-11 in such a short timeframe and on such a relatively short stretch of road has caused many to wonder if the interstate is, in fact, safe. On August 14, a two-vehicle crash killed two men, and then on August 28, another two-vehicle crash left two dead and three injured. A four-vehicle crash, including two semi-trucks, resulted in three injuries on September 6.

NDOT officials claim I-11 is safe, but the new interstate is being closely watched after the wrecks. Also, following the accidents, NDOT partnered with Boulder City and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to create additional signage to more clearly designate the routes to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, as well as to Boulder City and Kingman, AZ. The fact that NDOT saw where more signage could be helpful to motorists perhaps shows that I-11 wasn’t as safe as it could have been when it opened.

Over the coming months, the NDOT will conduct live traffic monitoring to determine whether any other changes need to be made along I-11. In the meantime, be extra cautious when driving on I-11, and don’t rely too heavily on navigation apps because they may not be totally accurate regarding the new interstate and its latest conditions.

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