Can Passengers in Nevada Crashes Hire Their Own Car Accident Attorneys?

Passengers who are injured in car crashes may hire their own accident lawyer to recover compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Most car accidents involve at least one passenger who suffers serious injuries that may be compensable through insurance claims and legal actions. 

Passenger Injuries In a Car Crash

When a car accident happens, drivers are not the only people injured. The majority of car crashes result in passenger injuries as well, some that are serious or even fatal. Following a car accident, most injured drivers will file a claim against the auto insurance company to recover compensation for property damages and personal injuries. However, injured passengers may be entitled to compensation for their injuries sustained in the accident as well.

In a car accident, a driver may be held liable for the accident and all damages under Nevada comparative negligence laws. The Nevada comparative negligence rule establishes modified comparative fault in negligence cases. Nevada law permits accident victims to recover damages, even when they are partially to blame for the accident. However, the victim’s damages are reduced by the extent to which the victim is at fault.

Comparative negligence is unlikely to become a legal issue with an accident lawyer for a passenger since the passenger is not behind the wheel. An injured passenger’s legal rights are similar to the rights of an injured non-fault driver. Both may be compensated for medical care, financial losses, and pain and suffering when they file a personal injury lawsuit with a Nevada accident lawyer.

Filing an Injury Claim

Evaluating a car accident claim for a passenger is often more complex than a claim for a driver, especially if there is more than one driver involved. When two or more drivers are involved in a car crash, all may share liability for damages.

In such cases, an injured passenger may need to file claims with multiple insurance companies which can be a tedious and lengthy challenge. If an injury claim involves multiple drivers and shared fault, a Nevada accident lawyer can ensure that claims are submitted to all insurers in a timely manner. The accident lawyer can also negotiate with each insurer to obtain fair compensation. If a personal injury lawsuit is filed, it must be filed in court within Nevada’s statute of limitations which is two years from the date of injury.