Talking to Your Doctor After an Accident

Providing doctors and health care providers with as much medical information as possible leads to a better healthcare outcome and provides valuable evidence for a larger personal injury settlement.

Gathering Medical Evidence

Following a car accident, it’s important to seek medical treatment from a doctor and document injuries as soon as possible. Each doctor’s visit provides detailed documentation of injury symptoms, clinical diagnosis, and recommended treatment plans. If a lawsuit is filed with a personal injury lawyer, these medical records will become important evidence used to calculate damages.
When seeking medical treatment after a car accident, it’s essential to talk openly to the doctor, follow the doctor’s advice, and continue treatments as long as pain and injury symptoms are present. There are five important things to discuss with the doctor.

Health History

Informing the doctor of a complete health history will help with healing times and treatments, since past injuries often impact new injuries. A person with certain pre-existing health conditions may heal slower than normal and be prone to infections. Knowing an injury victim’s health history can prevent the possibility of further injury-related complications.

How Injuries Occurred

When explaining a car crash to the doctor, it’s important to be specific about how the injuries occurred. Discussing details of the crash like getting thrown into the dashboard or hitting the windshield will help the doctor with a more accurate diagnosis. Little details discussed with the doctor may become important medical facts used for evidence in a settlement or lawsuit.

Diagnosis and Medical Treatments

Once a proper diagnosis is determined, the doctor will order medical treatments. Planning for immediate and future follow-up visits, medical treatments, prescription medications, physical therapy sessions, and surgeries will help a lawyer build a strong personal injury lawsuit. Medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress will factor into awarded compensation.

Job Restrictions

A doctor needs to know about any pain and injury symptoms that may impact job limitations and restrictions. If the doctor recommends a limited work schedule or restricted work duties, the employer needs to be notified as soon as possible. If injuries are severe, vocational rehabilitation may be necessary.

Projected Prognosis

Injuries sustained in a car crash can range from broken bones to head and brain injuries. Injury victims need to discuss their recovery time and prognosis with the doctor. Projected prognosis following a car crash will be an important factor in a personal injury claim.