Determining Fault: the Burglar or the Driver?

A car accident involving four individuals who were allegedly fleeing from the law in mid-April [2015] has a number of Henderson residents shaking their heads. At approximately 8 p.m. law enforcement responded to a reported robbery on the 1800 block of Plantea Court. With the description of the vehicle in hand, patrol

Baltimore Riot Raises Personal-Injury Claim Questions

In April of 2015, a peaceful protest began for Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man whose death was the result of injuries he sustained while in police custody. But what began as a memorial for the young man soon turned drastically violent, with the Maryland government declaring a state of emergency. Many law

Expert’s Role in Personal Injury Claim for Medical Negligence

An expert’s opinion is often necessary for a plaintiff to succeed in claiming compensation for medical negligence. This opinion is usually expressed in the form of a sworn written document or affidavit of another medical professional deemed an expert in the medical injury complained of. What other facts must appear in the

Speeding Seen in Recent Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Northbound traffic recently stalled for a few hours along the Interstate 15 near Cheyenne Avenue as a result of a motorcycle accident in which one man lost his life. The accident happened at around 2:40 pm when two allegedly speeding motorcycles traveling on the northbound lanes hit one another, causing one of

Personal Injury from Mojave Desert Rocket Explosion

A rocket exploded over the Mojave Desert killing one and causing serious physical injuries to another, the California Highway Patrol reported. The Mojave Desert is part of the greater Henderson area and is composed of several valleys such as the Pahrump Valley, Amargosa Valley, Death Valley, and the Henderson Valley. The rocket

Tyson Assists at Motorcycle Accident Scene

A rider injured in a recent motorcycle accident had a surprise hero in the person of retired boxing champion Mike Tyson. Tyson came to the rescue after the motorcyclist crashed on Interstate 15 in Henderson. The rider crashed after a cab cut him off while traveling along the Henderson Interstate. He suffered

Fatal Truck Accident When Man Drove in Wrong Direction

A Toyota truck being driven on the wrong direction along the 215 Beltway in Nevada recently crashed into a passenger vehicle killing its female driver on the spot. The driver of the truck manifested signs of drunk driving — bloodshot eyes, flushed face, and the smell of intoxicating liquor in his breath.