Commercial Truck Accident Legal Options in Nevada

A bustling economy is often indicated by the increased movement of goods along major roads and highways. In the state of Nevada, as trucks, semi-trucks and other large motor vehicles regularly make their way in and around Las Vegas and its neighboring towns, motorists who share the road with these large vehicles

Claiming Wrongful Death for Trucking Accident

Ongoing investigation on the recent accident that claimed the life of actor-comedian James McNair indicate that a truck driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel when the tragic collision occurred. The accident also caused serious injuries to McNair’s fellow actor and good friend, Tracy Morgan and damaged 5 other vehicles. The

Help Stop Nursing Home Abuse through Personal Injury Lawsuit

United States federal authorities recently fined a nursing home more than $185,000 after a report, and investigation of its facilities, revealed that residents suffered verbal and physical abuse in the hands of staff members and a fellow resident. Nursing home abuse, however, is not an isolated incident in the US. A nursing

Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

The Henderson Metro Police recently reported that deadly motorcycle crashes have increased by 14 percent this year, and so far this year there have been approximately 2,300 accidents resulting in injury. These injury accidents often occur in busy intersections such as the intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane. Injuries arising from

Revised Safety Rules to Reduce Truck Accidents

Statistics show us that truck accidents can cause serious injury and, sadly, death. In 2010 in Nevada alone, approximately 71 out of 235 fatal car crashes involved trucks. The risk of severe injury is higher in such collisions, because of the massive size and weight of a truck. Driver issues such as

Car Accident Trouble Spots in Henderson

The Henderson Metro Police recently released its list of most dangerous intersections in metropolitan Henderson. These locations had the highest number of car accidents resulting in physical injuries for a period of six months ending on Feb 4 this year (2014). Intersections associated with high accident rates Topping the list with 20

Getting the Personal Injury Compensation You Deserve

Comedian George Wallace recently won a personal injury lawsuit against a popular hotel-casino in Henderson. The jury awarded $1.3 million in damages for a leg injury he suffered while performing in the Henderson establishment sometime in 2007. The total value of the award compensates him for lost income in the amount of