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Spring Valley Slip and Fall LawyerEach year, over a million people in the United States are injured in slip and fall accidents. Although the term “slip and fall” may sound minor, they are typically anything but. Especially when they affect older adults, they can cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities.
Here in Nevada, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone’s negligence, you should get the legal advice of a skilled Spring Valley slip and fall attorney. At David Boehrer Law Firm, we have dedicated our careers to the victims of negligence and their families.

What Is A Slip And Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident is not merely an accident but a completely avoidable injury caused by a property owner’s negligence.
Slip and fall accidents happen when an individual falls and becomes injured on someone else’s property due to a hazardous condition and fall under premises liability laws. These laws say that a property owner, manager, or other controlling party has a legal obligation to keep the property safe for those who use it. If the owner fails to keep the property inspected, maintained, and free of hazards, they may be found negligent and liable when an injury takes place.

Slip & Fall And Premises Liability Laws

Premises liability laws were enacted to keep individuals safe and to ensure their legal rights in cases of injuries. The fall may take place on public or private property, but the defining nature of a slip and fall claim is that the injured party was there legally and the accident and resulting injury was caused by the controlling party not keeping the property safe.
Just because you fell on someone else’s property does not automatically mean the property owner was negligent. Proving negligence can be complicated and having the assistance of a slip and fall attorney in Spring Valley can ensure the success of your claim.

What Conditions Cause Slip And Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can be caused by a multitude of conditions, including:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Unsecured carpeting or rugs
  • Unexpected surface transitions
  • Icy walkways
  • Broken, cracked, or damaged walkways
  • Unexpected walkway elevation transitions
  • Unsecured cables, cords, and wires across walkways
  • Lack of lighting
  • Debris in a walkway
  • Uneven or broken stairways
  • Lack of warning signs or barriers where a hazard exists

Although the most common places for slip and fall accidents here in Nevada are grocery stores, casinos, hotels, and restaurants, a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere.

What A Slip And Fall Claim May Entitle You To

A successful slip and fall claim will compensate you for damages that resulted from the accident. These can include:

  • Emergency services, hospital expenses, doctor bills, prescription medications, surgeries, or any other costs that were a result of your injury
  • Any future potential medical costs as they relate to the injury
  • Lost wages if you were unable to work
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

When you have been injured in an accident on someone else’s property, it is important to speak with a Spring Valley slip and fall attorney to discuss whether you have a valid slip and fall claim and what your options may be.

Getting Legal Assistance After A Slip And Fall Accident

Because a slip and fall accident is a matter of negligence, there are independent elements of negligence that must be proven. Consequently, slip and fall claims can be complicated and often require significant evidence. Having the guidance of a skilled Spring Valley slip and fall attorney is critical when navigating a successful slip and fall claim.
At the David Boehrer Law Firm, we are experienced Spring Valley slip and fall attorneys who are dedicated to the rights of the victim. We understand the difficulty in proving slip and fall claims and go the extra mile to ensure that you are fairly and adequately compensated for your injuries. If you have been injured in a fall on another party’s property, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your case and you can understand your rights. Call us or contact us through our website.