Injured in a Hit and Run Crash?

Injuries from a hit and run accident can leave the victim without recourse, unless certain steps are taken after the crash to identify the driver.

Taking Steps After a Hit and Run Crash

In every state, it’s illegal to leave the scene of a car accident, except when a person needs immediate medical attention. However, hit and run accidents happen frequently leaving drivers stranded with costs of property damages and medical bills. When involved in a hit and run crash, taking certain steps after the accident can ensure a better outcome.

Write Down Information on the Fleeing Vehicle

If possible, write down information on the car that fled the scene including the make and model of the car, the color of the car, the license plate number, and any distinguishing features or damages. Note any damages caused to the fleeing car and the direction the car was headed when it fled.

Call the Police

Whether hit and run accidents result in minor damages or serious injuries, calling the police is imperative. When police arrive at the scene, file a police report noting a hit and run accident and get the officer’s name and badge number. The police report is a key factor in any personal injury case.

Gather Information from Witnesses

If there are witnesses at the scene, gather information including their name, contact information, and what they witnessed. Recording a video or audio clip of witness testimony on a smartphone can be helpful when filing a claim or lawsuit with a car accident lawyer.

Take Pictures/Videos

While waiting for police, take pictures or videos of the accident scene including images of the car’s license plate, damages to the car, skid marks on the road, and damages to nearby objects. The insurance company will request accident details. Recording a recollection of the accident events on a smartphone can validate details at a later date, if a personal injury case is filed with a Henderson car accident lawyer.

Seek Medical Attention

Seeking immediate medical attention after the crash is essential, because the insurance company and the car accident lawyer will require medical records to show proof of injuries. Whether injuries are minor or severe, medical records are essential. In addition, some serious injuries such as internal bleeding, spinal cord damage, and head trauma don’t show up right away, so it’s important to be examined as soon as possible by a physician.