You Are not in Good Hands with the Insurance Company

Crash victims often experience big delays, small settlement offers, and denied claims when the at-fault driver is insured by certain insurance companies like Allstate. As a result, many people must hire car accident attorneys and file personal injury lawsuits to recover fair compensation. Drivers With Allstate Are Paying a Price Allstate, an

ELD Mandate in Full Force

Commercial truck drivers are now required to use electronic logging devices that record all their on-duty hours of service on the road. Federal ELD Regulations In 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced new regulations that require all commercial truckers to use compliant, registered electronic logging devices (ELDs) to track

Death by Urban Design: Planning and Maintenance Could Save Lives

Negligent urban planning and poor roadway conditions are responsible for thousands of deadly accidents to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists every year. Better Roadway Designs Increase Safety Poor road design and lack of regular road maintenance increase driving hazards that injure and kill thousands of American drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists each year. City

Could the Mechanic Shop Be Liable for Your Crash?

Mechanics that falsify auto repair records or inspection reports can be held liable for injuries if a crash occurs. Liability for Losses Caused by False Auto Repair Records If a mechanic or other responsible party lied about vehicle repairs or falsified repair or inspection records and a crash occurs, injured victims can