Talking to Your Doctor After an Accident

Providing doctors and health care providers with as much medical information as possible leads to a better healthcare outcome and provides valuable evidence for a larger personal injury settlement. Gathering Medical Evidence Following a car accident, it’s important to seek medical treatment from a doctor and document injuries as soon as possible.

These Are the Most Dangerous Highways in America

Highway I-80 in Nevada is one of the most dangerous highways in America with an average of 153 car crashes and 173 fatalities every year. Safe Highway Driving Safe driving can help prevent accidents on dangerous roads and highways. Although there’s always the possibility of a car accident while traveling, some roads

How Negligent Entrustment May Impact Your Car Accident Claim

If one person allows another person to drive his or her car, the person who loaned the car may be held liable for injuries and property damages under negligent entrustment laws. Negligent Entrustment Laws Negligent entrustment refers to one party entrusting a motor vehicle to another party without making sure the driver

When an Underage Driver Causes a DUI Crash in Nevada

In Nevada, dram shop laws can hold establishments who serve alcohol to minors liable for injuries and property damages caused by DUI crashes. Dram Shop Liability Laws A “dram shop claim” or civil lawsuit against a Nevada business or individual who sells or serves alcohol is not allowed if the involved party