Car Accidents and Children: Buckle Them Up

Two Logan residents were killed in a car accident earlier this month, but their one year old child survived. The residents were driving on I-80 when the vehicle left the roadway and hit a guardrail. The Nevada Highway Patrol has stated that the driver of the vehicle, a 1995 Ford Explorer, steered

Bruce Jenner Sued for Wrongful Death

Bruce Jenner has been in the news a lot lately, but one news story that was quickly trumped by his latest TV interviews regarding his gender, is the car accident he had on the Pacific Coast Highway in February of 2015. Allegedly, Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner was being chased by up

Trucking Company Held Responsible for Negligent Driver

At the David Boehrer Law Firm we have handled a number of truck-related cases, but none has been as explosive as the 2011 accident involving a truck and an Amtrak passenger train. In June 2011, just east of Reno, a truck owned by John Davis Trucking Co. slammed into the California Zephyr,

Determining Fault: the Burglar or the Driver?

A car accident involving four individuals who were allegedly fleeing from the law in mid-April [2015] has a number of Henderson residents shaking their heads. At approximately 8 p.m. law enforcement responded to a reported robbery on the 1800 block of Plantea Court. With the description of the vehicle in hand, patrol