Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Recently, Carson City and rescue was called in to assist after a motorcycle crash on Highway 50 West near Spooner Summit. The crash involved a male rider with his female passenger.

It is believed that the driver lost control of the motorcycle and ended up sliding into a canyon wall. The male rider suffered from road rash injuries while his female passenger suffered broken leg and trauma.

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics in Nevada

Motorcycle accidents tend to be severe and traumatic as riders are very exposed to impact.

According to Nevada Department of Transportation Safety, there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents, with motorcycle riders thirty times more likely to die in traffic accidents those in passenger cars. Clark County leads in the number of fatal motorcycle accidents.

Out of over 1,040 motorcycle accidents in Nevada:

  • 172 caused damage to property alone
  • 822 accidents, about 79 percent, caused physical injuries
  • 48 (about 4.6 percent) of these were fatal

In comparison with motor vehicle accidents, it shows only 37 percent of the car accidents caused injuries with 0.25 percent being fatal. Despite year 2011 experiencing a decrease in motorcycle accidents, the average number of accidents is still high.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a third party, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the person at fault in order to receive compensation for damages including loss of income, pain and medical bills.

Steps to Filing a Claim for a Motorcycle Accident

  • Get as much information as possible from the scene of accident
    • Exchange relevant information with the driver at fault. The information should include names, contact information, and the insurance details. It is also important to obtain the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Get a police report 
    • It is important not to leave the scene before the police arrive and prepare a report. The report makes mention of the cause of the accident – such as failure to yield the right of way, over speeding etc. There is also a notation of the weather conditions
  • Report to the insurance company
    • Report the accident to your insurance company. Your insurance company will work with the other insurance company. You will be required to make a sworn statement detailing how the accident happened and injuries that you got. As such statements can be later used against you, we suggest you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before making any such statements.
    • In Nevada, David Boehrer Law is a firm of personal injury attorneys with a great deal of experience in helping the victims of motorcycle accidents. We will assist in presenting the right information to insurance companies
  • Keep all the records intact
    • Keep track of all the documents related to the accident and the injuries sustained. This includes the hospital records, police report on the accident, medical receipts and bills, repair of your vehicle or motorcycle and any other expenses. These documents will be needed when making an estimate of the amount of compensation to be paid out
  • Negotiate for a favorable settlement
    • After evaluating the accident, the insurance company of the party at fault may decide to offer a settlement or deny your claim. It is in such cases that an experienced attorney will be invaluable
    • Should the insurance company choose to make an offer, David Boehrer will then negotiate the best settlement to which you are entitled under the law. If the company denies your claim we then have the option to file a lawsuit

If you or your loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, David Boehrer Law Firm can help. We invite you to contact us on (702) 750-0750 today for a free consultation.