Speeding Seen in Recent Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Northbound traffic recently stalled for a few hours along the Interstate 15 near Cheyenne Avenue as a result of a motorcycle accident in which one man lost his life.

The accident happened at around 2:40 pm when two allegedly speeding motorcycles traveling on the northbound lanes hit one another, causing one of the riders to lose control over his motorbike and crash into the barrier on the right portion of the road. The impact caused the rider to fall off his vehicle and hit the wall a second time, killing him instantly.

The accident victim’s motorbike continued to travel 500 meters after the crash.

Excessive Speeds and Motorcycle Accidents

In the United States, speeding accounts for one-third of all fatal vehicular accidents, with motorcycle operators comprising the highest proportion of fatalities. Many motorcycles nowadays are engineered to travel at high speeds, allowing riders to experience the thrill and excitement of a fast ride while increasing their risks of motorcycle collisions.

In Nevada, where motorcycles are increasingly popular as a mode of transportation, injuries and deaths arising from motorcycle crashes have also increased, particularly in the rural areas. Speeding is usually a factor in fatal accidents; the faster the motorcycle cycles travel, the more likely it is for its operator to suffer from serious or fatal injuries.

In the latest motorcycle collision to occur in the I-15, both motorcycles that figured in the crash were traveling at excessive speeds at the time the accident occurred. Only one of the motorcycle operators perished in the accident and highway police officers said that the other rider is cooperating in the investigation.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the surviving family of the accident victim may be entitled to compensation for the motorcycle accident or wrongful death.

Claiming Compensation

A motorcycle’s lightweight design may be good for aerodynamics but it can also make its operator or rider more susceptible to injury during a crash with another vehicle. Even when traveling at average or safe speeds, a collision between a motorcycle and a heavier vehicle such as an automobile, SUV or truck can have disastrous results for the motorbike operator.

In an accident, the motorcyclist’s injuries can be serious, requiring extensive medical treatment, substantial time off from work, and long periods of therapy or rehabilitation for a full recovery. Obtaining the full value of compensation is absolutely necessary for an accident victim or his family to recover completely.

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