Pahrump Hit-and-Run Accident Kills Las Vegas Shooting Survivor

A man who survived the Route 91 Harvest music festival has died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. The accident is a tragic example of hit-and-run accidents, as well as the capabilities of investigators to find the drivers responsible. Man struck and killed by driver who fled the scene Roy McClellan,

Accident Takes Life of Local Motorcycle Rider

An accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle has resulted in fatal injuries to the rider. The accident is a reminder of the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, as well as one of the most common ways that riders are hurt in motorcycles accidents. Failure to yield right-of-way leads to crash The accident

Jury Awards $160.5 Million for Nightclub Brain Injury

A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury some few years back recently won a damages lawsuit against the company running the night club where he sustained his severe injuries. Night Club Security Violence The case stemmed from an incident in 2012 when the manager and security men of the defendant night

What Is a Nevada Worker’s Compensation Lawsuit?

In Nevada, worker’s compensation is like an insurance program required by law to be provided by employers. This program provides workers with benefits and other payments if they are injured on the job. While this sounds like a simple process, sometimes workers’ claims are wrongfully denied. If that happens, the worker may

Man’s Family Sues Henderson Police for Wrongful Death

The widow and son of a man shot and killed by the Henderson Metropolitan Police in 2015 are suing the department for wrongful death. The complaint alleges that officers shot the man in front of his 11-year-old son and then joked around while the man bled to death. The family’s story is

Understanding Nevada Auto Insurance Rules

Whether you have just been the victim of an automobile accident or you want to prepare yourself for such an event, it is useful to understand driver liability and how it may apply to your situation. Liability in Nevada Nevada is known as a “fault” state for car accident liability, which means

What to Do When Hurt in Hotel Premises

As Nevada is one of the country’s top holiday destinations, it’s hotels and resorts are part of many people’s daily lives. In addition to accommodation, vast hotel properties provide attractive dining, shopping, and leisure options for residents and visitors alike. Untoward incidents can happen while relaxing at the pool or spa, or

Moped Helmet Bill to Minimize Traumatic Brain Injury Incidents in Nevada

Senate Bill 426 requiring the use of headgear for moped riders has been approved in the Nevada Senate. Mopeds are motorized bicycles that are popular modes of transportation among students. The proposed legislation is primarily intended to address growing incidents of traumatic brain injury affecting scooter and moped riders in the state.

Key Considerations in the Event of a Truck Accident

In 2008 there was a total of 123,918 large trucks involved in nonfatal crashes in the United States. That figure does not include the many thousands of truck accidents that did cause injury or death and as our roads are becoming more and more congested, that figure will likely grow. If you