Volvo Truck Recall: Increased Crash Risk

Volvo recently recalled more than 11,000 sleeper cab trucks because a faulty hinge can cause the sleeping bunk window to detach from the truck, increasing the risk of an accident. Defective Truck Sleeper Cabs Approximately 11,089 Volvo VNL and VNX commercial trucks manufactured between 2018 and 2020 were recalled due to potential crash

When Nevada Truckers Are Too Close for Comfort

Most accidents involving large commercial trucks and smaller vehicles occur when truckers are following too close to the vehicle ahead. Commercial Truck Crashes Large commercial trucks often weigh up to 12,000 pounds when fully loaded with fuel and cargo. When traveling at highway speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, these

Several Recent Nevada Truck Crashes Part of Larger Trend

The westbound lanes of interstate 80 between Mustang and Patrick, Nevada, were closed for several hours on a Wednesday afternoon after a collision between a Ford pickup truck and a large box truck. More recently, a semi-truck hauling dog food ran into a bridge and crashed near McLean and Bottom Road outside

Fatal Nevada Semi-Truck Accident Blamed on Drowsy Driving

Anytime day or night, large semi-trucks are a common site on Nevada’s roads and interstates. The more goods that trucks move, the more money for trucking companies, so truck drivers are working around the clock. Regulations and policies are in place to limit the number of hours a truck driver may work

Recent Accident involving Tractor-Trailer Takes a Life

A recent crash in the Las Vegas area has caused the death of one driver. The accident comes as safety experts and lawmakers debate a change to large truck safety requirements that may have prevented the crash. Read on to learn more about the accident as well as the safety protections that

Trucking Company Held Responsible for Negligent Driver

At the David Boehrer Law Firm we have handled a number of truck-related cases, but none has been as explosive as the 2011 accident involving a truck and an Amtrak passenger train. In June 2011, just east of Reno, a truck owned by John Davis Trucking Co. slammed into the California Zephyr,

Fatal Truck Accident When Man Drove in Wrong Direction

A Toyota truck being driven on the wrong direction along the 215 Beltway in Nevada recently crashed into a passenger vehicle killing its female driver on the spot. The driver of the truck manifested signs of drunk driving — bloodshot eyes, flushed face, and the smell of intoxicating liquor in his breath.

Commercial Truck Accident Legal Options in Nevada

A bustling economy is often indicated by the increased movement of goods along major roads and highways. In the state of Nevada, as trucks, semi-trucks and other large motor vehicles regularly make their way in and around Las Vegas and its neighboring towns, motorists who share the road with these large vehicles